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About US:


Custom Equipment Engineering, LLC (CEE) is based in St. Louis, Missouri - strategically located in the center of our great country to effectively and responsively  support our clients - Nationwide.


CEE was founded to offer small and mid-sized companies a powerful competitive advantage over their larger competitors. By utilizing our Professional Engineering and Manufacturing/Maintenance Resources, on an "As-Needed" contractual basis; the costly, fixed overhead associated with maintaining highly specialized resources is eliminated. This thereby allows our client companies to focus all their resources and efforts on their day to day operations and core competencies.


Our staff of Engineers and technical experts have years of experience working in World Class companies such as Harley-Davidson, Case New Holland, etc. Due to our extensive "In-House" capabilities (i.e. Metallurgical Lab, Dimensional Inspection Lab, Laser Processing Cell and  Fabrication Shop) we're not dependent on outside resources to accomplish even the most complex of tasks; in an extremly responsive manner!


Our basic  philosophy for ensuring success is very simple:


--- Communicate in an honest and responsive manor with the client to establish specific, objective      
     project goals and deliverables.


--- Provide the client with a professional quotation detailing: schedule, budget & deliverables.


--- Observe, analyze, research and compile all necessary requirements (materials, properties,

     dimensions) that the equipment/process requires in order to successfully attain the stated goals.


--- Develop/design the equipment along with an operational plan; to ensure all activities are performed in an effective and

     controlled manor.


--- Closely manage and monitor all aspects of the equipments fabrication, inspection and delivery.


--- Follow up as needed with the client to validate/confirm that the deliverables have met or exceeded the specified goals.




Jim Nizick

President, Custom Equipment Engineering, LLC



Custom Material Handling Devices

             Upgraded Process Equipment

            (Parts Washer-Tumbler Basket)

Heavy Equipment Refurbishment


Manual, Production welding Fixtures

Plastic Thermo-Former


Production Machining Fixtures


Valve Liner Pressing System

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Robotic Welding Cells